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NEW: Multiposition, Tiling, and Stitching

 The STEDYCON now supports motorized stages for stitched fields up to many millimeters. Learn more here!

NEW: Adaptive Optics with a deformable mirror

Learn how to stay sharp, even when focusing deep into tissue here.

New Insights on HIV virus revealed by Abberior STED-FCS

Using Abberior STED-FCS, Christian Eggeling (Leibniz IPHT & Friedrich Schiller University Jena) and a team from four European countries discovered the existence and composition of a lipid-based platform for HIV virus assembly.
These results provide novel molecular insights on HIV virus assembly and are a starting point for the development of new antiviral drugs.

Citation: C. Favard, J. Chojnack, P. Merida, N. Yandrapalli, J. Mak, C. Eggeling and D. Muriaux, "HIV-1 Gag specifically restricts PI(4,5)P2 and cholesterol mobility in living cells creating a nanodomain platform for virus assembly"Science Advances02 Oct 2019: Vol. 5, no. 10.


Below 3 x 3 x 3 nm resolution in all directions

Top row: MINFLUX image of individual nuclear pore complexes (observe the familiar eight-fold symmetry) with < 3 nm localization precision. Bottom: MINFLUX image of nuclear pore complexes in a large field of view.

Please check out the new publication:

K. C. Gwosch,  J. K. Pape,  F. Balzarotti, P. Hoess,  J. Ellenberg, J. Ries, S. W. Hell "MINFLUX nanoscopy delivers multicolor nanometer 3D-resolution in (living) cells", bioRxiv (2019)

NEW: Abberior Instruments STEADYFOCUS

Boost your stability:

Our new push-button STEADYFOCUS module ensures that your images are perfectly in focus over days.

NEW: Abberior Instruments Facility Line

Guided STED nanoscopy enables super-resolution imaging of blood stage malaria parasites

Please check out the new Publication:

J.-G. Schloetel, J. Heine, A. F. Cowman, M. Pasternak, "Guided STED nanoscopy enables super-resolution imaging of blood stage malaria parasites", Nature Scientific Reports, Volume 9, Article number: 4674 (2019)

Collaboration SVI and Abberior Instruments

The recent and most fruitful collaboration between Abberior Instruments and SVI has brought about cutting-edge superresolution at maximum convenience and benefit for our STEDYCON users.

As exemplified in the panels below, the combination of top-notch STED imaging with a sophisticated deconvolution method reveals the faintest details in the sample. Moreover, all this unfolds at the push of a button!

For any questions & quotations: sales@abberior-instruments.com

DyMIN STED + easy3D STED = unprecedented 3D STED resolution

Please check out the new Publication (link below): 

A combination of expansion microscopy and DyMIN 3D STED reveals the ultrastructure of centrioles. Chlamydomonas reinhardtii centrioles immunostained with Abberior STAR RED for polyglutamylated tubulin. Samples by P. Guichard & D. Gambarotto (University of Geneva).

D. Gambarotto, F. U. Zwettler, M. Le Guennec, M. Schmidt-Cernohorska, D. Fortun, S. Borgers, J. Heine, J. G. Schloetel, M. Reuss, M. Unser, E. S. Boyden, M. Sauer, V. Hamel & P. Guichard, “Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM)”, Nature Methods (2019)

Correlative microscopy approach for biology using X-ray holography and STED microscopy

Please check out the new Publication (link below): 

M. Bernhardt, J.-D. Nicolas, M. Osterhoff, H. Mittelstädt, M. Reuss, B. Harke, A. Wittmeier, M. Sprung, S. Köster, T. Salditt, "Correlative microscopy approach for biology using X-ray holography, X-ray scanning diffraction and STED microscopy", Nature Communications, Volume 9, Article number: 3641 (2018)

Three dimensional live-cell STED microscopy at increased depth using a water immersion objective

Our patent protected easy3D STED technology produces superior 3D STED data – please check out our new publication:

Spherical abberations corrected z-STED raw data

J. Heine, C. A. Wurm, J. Keller-Findeisen, A. Schönle, B. Harke, M. Reuss, F. R. Winter, G. Donnert, "Three dimensional live-cell STED microscopy at increased depth using a water immersion objective", Review of Scientific Instruments (2018)


easy3D DyMIN STED volume imaging of Neurons with unprecedented resolution!

Confocal vs. DyMIN STED imaging:

Confocal and easy3D DyMIN STED imaging of dendrites in brain slices. GFP-tagged proteins were expressed and immunolabelled using primary antibodies against GFP and secondary antibodies coupled to Abberior STAR 635P. Sample was prepared by O. Kaplan and H. Kawabe @ MPI of Experimental Medicine, Göttingen, Germany. Scale Bar, 2 µm.

DyMIN STED complements our existing list of intelligent STED illumination schemes, namely RESCue STED and MINFIELD STED. All three intelligent illumination schemes for STED dramatically reduce the light irradiation on your sample (DyMIN STED up to two orders of magnitude) and are exclusively available @ Abberior Instruments.

Explanation videos of DyMIN, RESCue and MINFIELD STED:


DyMIN STED is a co-development between Stefan Hell and coworkers and Abberior Instruments. Read all technical details in the current PNAS publication, 2017: 

J. Heine, M. Reuss, B. Harke, E. D'Este, S. J. Sahl and S. W. Hell, "Adaptive-illumination STED nanoscopy", PNAS (2017)

Nature review on DyMIN STED: G. Pacchioni, "Always look on the bright side of the fluorophore", Nature Review Materials (2017)

The Abberior Instruments Team

Get to know a part of our Abberior Instruments Team!

From zero to STED in no time

Follow along with the incredibly quick installation of a STEDYCON super resolution microscope, uncut. We go from opening the carton to the first super-resolution STED image in under three minutes. Don't forget to check out the real time movie here: https://youtu.be/wnFnyt8yJyA